Gloria M’s Homebuyer Success Story

“After my divorce, I needed to find a place to live for me and my son. I thought I would have to rent a place because the expenses from the divorce took a toll on me and my son was still in college. I knew buying had a lot of advantages over renting. While selling the home I was living in, my realtor told me there were programs for people in my situation and advised me to discuss the possibilities with their mortgage group. I talked in length to the mortgage representative about different grants and/or loans I qualified for. To my surprise, I was eligible for funding that allowed me to purchase a relatively new townhouse through the GROWTH Initiative.”

“My mortgage payments are very manageable and within my budget and I have a very nice home for me and my son to live in. The home also came with very efficient appliances, so my utility bills are quite reasonable. I am so grateful and very fortunate for being introduced to the GROWTH program which allowed me to purchase a very nice, affordable place to call home.”    – Gloria M. in Delaware

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