How to Invest

  • The initial step is an opportunity analysis for both investor and GROWTH. Typically, investors in the program will either provide capital to be deployed as “debt” or funds to be invested as “equity.” Prior to initial discussions, investors can identify market(s) in which they have a CRA need and will receive tailored information on how the GROWTH initiative can specifically work to their benefit.
  • Assuming interests align, some general paperwork, including the signing of a non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed and completed. This will include a package of materials sent from GROWTH for each investor’s formal review process.
  • Based on whether GROWTH is currently active in the target market or not, Growth will conduct a market analysis to determine whether conditions align with the program’s buy box.
  • Upon completion of this process, investor satisfaction and approval of the materials sent for review, the parties will move forward towards closing the investment transaction.

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