Workforce Training Success Stories



Kaila P.

“GROWTH and the Eastside Rising program has taught me how to learn to work in teams and answer job interviewing questions.”
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Aaron B.

“Aaron was an average kid growing up. He completed high school and was enjoying life until he crossed paths with the law due to…”
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Jason Manko

Jason M.

“Prior to entering the GROWTH program, I had a criminal record which resulted in employment difficulties. I completed the…”
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Dameon Watson

Dameon W.

“I grew up in the crime ridden Eastside of Wilmington where I became a convicted felon by the age of 24. While at a local…”
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Quron P.

“As a young man in Delaware, I got involved selling drugs and became a convicted felon. Thanks to GROWTH…”
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Kevin B.

“I’ve always had a passion for working with my hands and was never the type of guy to do things the traditional way.  I dropped out of school and…”
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